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    The Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library is an all-volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to improving library resources and programs in the Duck Creek region of Delaware.

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    Building a new & larger library

    We have begun an exciting new project to build a new library. Our existing library does not meet the needs of our growing community. You have an opportunity to be a part of this exciting, community changing program.

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    Serving the community

    We will be more than books! Our new library will house a computer center, meeting spaces, movie spaces, special areas for children and other activities, a special Delawareana Collection, and much more!

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Duck Creek Regional Library Update

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the State of Delaware Bond Bill funding, and gifts received from the community, construction has begun! The Friends are committed to supporting the new Duck Creek Regional Library's mission to provide a facility and environment that will connect residents of the Smyrna School District. While the existing library is currently very limited in terms of usable space for programs and resources, the new library will offer a host of new features.

If you would like to get involved in supporting our efforts, we would love to have you become a member of the Friends of the Duck Creek Regional Library. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of most months at 6 pm at Belmont Hall. Click the Membership option at the top of the website for more details.


Groundbreaking Ceremony


About Us

Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library is an all-volunteer, charitable organization dedicated to improving library resources and programs in the Duck Creek region of Delaware.

Smyrna's population is growing at an incredible rate and it is clear that a bigger library is urgently needed to accommodate the area’s growth. Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library is working hard to bring the vision of the new facility into a reality.

Join Us

Your help is urgently needed.

Your contribution, large or small, is important to completing the new library. No contribution is too small. Please consider a tax deductible donation to ensure we able to meet the demands of our growing and revitalized communtiy.

Why Friends of Duck Creek Regional Library


Libraries help "level the playing field" and ensure that no child is left behind. Libraries not only have significant impact on students personal and educational development, but have a positive impact on learning.


Our new facility will house both desktop and laptop computers. The recommendation is to have the number of personal computers equal to one PC for every 20 library visits per day.


With meeting and presentation spaces, work and study spaces, a Children's area, and more - we will foster a sense of community and collaboration. The new Library facility will be a social, cultural and educational center for our community.


The staff will be always eager to provide assistance and referrals to the community. Additionally, the all-inclusive, safe and friendly environment will be a unique forum for social networking, book clubs and reading groups.

Smyrna Population Growth

Current Size vs Recommended Size

Current Visits/Year

Current Circulation


"The Smyrna Library is small with limited resources. It is primarily book driven and the new library will have more computers and technology and be able to better satisfy the needs of Smyrna and the region."

David Hugg

Former Smyrna Town Manager

"Downtown Smyrna is making a huge effort to revive itself and having this new library will really help the area."

Jonette Oldham

Past President Friends of DCRL

"(The Smyrna Library) got money a few years ago to make repairs and improvements but it’s just too small to serve its purpose. They are in desperate need of a new building."

Annie Norman

State Librarian